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The product

Simple products are often the most technically challenging

The product developers at Fairwood Innovation have worked hard to create a simple, effective and affordable solution that can reduce the number of deaths resulting from the dreaded blindspot accidents in traffic. The need for a mobile illumination of the driver’s blind spot, giving cyclists a visual warning by lighting up the driver’s blind spots on the road, has been clear as day to us for a long time.

The major technical challenge was to develop a simple system that could sufficiently illuminate a given area, even on the sunniest summer day. At the same time, the system had to be able to automatically monitor the surrounding light and dim the brightness at night to ensure that the blind spot was lit up enough to help cyclists, but without bothering other road users.

Through our sustained product development, we managed to crack the code with a unique and particularly powerful LED light, automatic registration of the ambient light, and adjustment of the system’s LED light as needed.

The BlindSpot Illuminator is currently available as a prototype, which is being type approved in Europe.

According to the Danish Transport Authority, the number of deaths caused by blindspot accidents in recent years has fluctuated, despite the fact that the number of road fatalities has generally declined.


Number of cyclists killed in blindspot accidents

These statistics only cover Denmark, but will continuously be extended to include other countries.