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“Now we can see exactly where the blind spots are, so cyclists can steer into the driver’s field of vision”

Mogens Therkelsen, manager of the carrier company H.P. Therkelsen in Padborg, Denmark, who supplied the lorry exhibited at the 2014 Traffic Safety Fair with BlindSpot mounted, is very positive about the solution.

“Our drivers encounter huge challenges when they drive in cities. They get stressed and are constantly alert to the risk of accidents involving vulnerable road users. They have to check six legally required mirrors and the side and front windows before they can even start turning. On top of this, there’s the pressure from the other traffic and of course the constant fear of accidents,” says Mogens Therkelsen, and continues:

“The advantage of this solution is that we can now show exactly where the blind spots are so cyclists can move into the driver’s field of vision when they are turning right.”



Foto: Scanpix