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New Danish invention

New Danish invention The BlindSpot Illuminator is a new Danish invention that can prevent many blindspot accidents caused by buses and lorries. The solution will be presented to the public for the first time at the 2014 Traffic Safety Fair.

Today, BlindSpot Illuminator is being presented at the 2014 Traffic Safety Fair 2014 in the presence of Danish Minister for Transport Magnus Heunicke. With the help of advanced technology, Uffe Uhrenholt and Fairwood Innovation A/S have created BlindSpot Illuminator as a simple solution to accidents connected with busses and trucks turning. Blind Spot is mounted on the vehicle, and when the turn signal is activated, BlindSpot very clearly illuminates an area on the road to the side that the vehicle will turn, showing cyclists and pedestrians the area where the driver cannot see them.
At the Traffic Safety Fair, BlindSpot is mounted on a lorry so that visitors can see for themselves how the light is activated, setting new standards for road safety. The light from BlindSpot is directed down at the road and only illuminates the area that designates the driver’s blind spot, thus warning the cyclists